We are Hollywood Karaage, from the Nakatsu SAMURAI

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Hollywood Karaage Head Office was established in Fukuoka Prefecture’s Shinyoshitomi Village (now Koge town) in 1980. Even in a region that is known to be a highly competitive battle ground for fried chicken, the Buzen/Nakatsu area, (on the border of Oita and Fukuoka Prefectures) we are one of the oldest establishments. Since our company’s inception over 40 years ago, we have prided ourselves on adamantly sourcing the finest local produce and fresh meat from Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures. As a shop that provides food for our valuable customers, we have an uncompromising resolution to use safe ingredients so that our food may be of the highest quality, eaten with peace of mind and of course, to be delicious. We strive hard for this everyday.

At first glance, the remote countryside in the middle of a rice field may not seem like a suitable place for a business but it is here, nestled in this private house that we have developed our own original spirit of customer service. Surrounded by nature and with love and passion, we serve the highest quality chicken.

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Here at Hollywood Karaage we are proud of our unique characteristics -

1.We value freshness. - We take care of the freshness of our meat and of the sauce -

Hollywood karaage’s original sauce doesn’t impair the freshness of our meat. So that we could sell the freshest, tastiest karaage, in 1980 the chairman of Rising Hollywood Ltd. developed our own special sauce. The advantage of this sauce is that the meat does not need to be rested overnight. Fresh chicken meat loses its freshness the longer it stands. Therefore, once the sauce is mixed the key to providing the freshest, tastiest product to the customer is to marinate, fry and sell it as quickly as possible. We continue to keep that key.

2.Storing our meat with Mozart. - Ripen with the music of Mozart -

We store our product with Mozart. Once prepared, chicken at our head store listens to Mozart in the storage fridge. The music of Mozart is said to have many positive influences in many fields. In order to make chicken that our customers say is even more delicious, we believe that Mozart makes the difference.

3.With Samurai Spirit – We have brought with us the code of the Samurai from our ancestors -

Our ancestors worked as Samurai at Nakatsu Castle. They supported the Feudal Lord with the spirit of loyalty. As samurai, they knew exactly who they were working for. Looking forward nearly 150 years, we are working in the rice fields. We bring with us the samurai spirit to treat our customers first. And here at Hollywood Karaage, we never compromise on our efforts each day to see the happy faces of our customers eating our food.

When we hear the simple words, "it's delicious" we believe that this comes with a little bit of happiness. If the customers who eat the karaage that we have prepared feel even a small happiness, then that is a great happiness for us. If we can bring a small happiness to even one more person through the food we make, that gives us the energy and the devotion to work each day, knowing exactly who we are working for.

Just like our Samurai ancestors.

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Company Profile

Company Name Rising Hollywood Co.,Ltd.
Location 61 Yoshioka Koge machi Chikujo gun Fukuoka Prefecture JAPAN
Established 1 July 2003 (originally established 1980)
Capital 3,000,000 Yen
Business type Fried Chicken, grilled meat, lunch boxes, side dishes, manufacture and production of goods for sale
Staff 2 people
Employees 6 people
CEO Masato Takanishi
Store Name Karaage Hollywood
TEL&FAX +81-979-72-4575
E-mail info@risinghollywood.jp

We are Hollywood Karaage, from the Nakatsu SAMURAIRising Hollywood