We are Hollywood Karaage, from the Nakatsu SAMURAI

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Business Opportunity

We provide support to new or developing businesses with our taste and know-how.

Would you like to have your own business based on the traditional taste and business formula of Hollywood karaage? We are a specialist karaage shop which began in a village of about 4000 people. It is not surprising to ask can a business survive here? In the middle of the rice fields? But we have been continuously operating for nearly 40 years. It is because we have not deviated from our own original way of doing things and have been loved by customers, who appreciate the battle field of karaage in the Nakatsu area, that have kept us going strong. And people come from all over Japan especially to visit our karaage shop in the rice fields. If you are interested in our karaage, the taste, our business model then please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

We have developed two plans, one which explains our original taste and development of high quality products as well as a fast track to new business opening.

We also provide support to foreign countries so please visit our contact page for details.

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We are Hollywood Karaage, from the Nakatsu SAMURAIRising Hollywood