We are Hollywood Karaage, from the Nakatsu SAMURAI

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Amazing Recipe

From one of the oldest karaage stores, “World Nakatsu Samurai Karaage”we bring you our magical sauce which makes everything tastes like karaage. It can be used in the following ways:

Amazing Recipe-1
Samurai Shinobu Project
【Original Movies】

•As a marinade for fried chicken

For every 100g of chicken use approximately 20g of sauce, massage the chicken then refrigerate for about 1 hour. Cover in potato starch then fry. The result is just like the real Nakatsu SAMURAI Karaage!

Amazing Recipe-2

•As an amazing sauce

Samurai Shinobu Project
【Original Movies】

We are Hollywood Karaage, from the Nakatsu SAMURAIRising Hollywood